New opportunities at CR

We’re hiring!

CR is recruiting engineers, public interest technologists, and entrepreneurs to develop innovative new ways of serving consumers. You’ll be joining a lean team that works openly and builds out the earliest, most experimental part of CR’s innovation pipeline.

You’ll create and ship technologies that have a real impact on the marketplace, the law, and people’s lives. CR’s work includes solutions to help consumers secure their digital devices, help them take back control of their data, make it easier to buy locally and save money, and more.

The first roles we’ll be bringing on are:

  • Head of Experimental Engineering: bootstrap and conduct basic research into new and novel technologies that help CR achieve its mission.
  • Software Engineer (2 openings): build applied product prototypes to enable market testing and validation. 
  • Research Engineer (2 openings): facilitate research and development of new technologies that serve consumers.
  • Community Manager: broker and kickstart collaborations with the most dynamic people and places in public interest tech.
  • Project Manager: drive progress on a pipeline of exciting innovation concepts; shepherd varied projects from concept to execution.

We are remote-friendly, offering competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Interested in our work, but don’t see an opening that fits your background? Please drop us a line at and let us know what you think we could do together. 

There will also be additional opportunities posted this fall, including the return of the Fellows program.

Why work at CR?

CR has been an independent non-profit for over 85 years. We are on consumers’ side, plain and simple. Without CR and the consumers’ movement, there probably wouldn’t be seat belts in cars. You’d have to worry about lead in your water and arsenic in your food—and all kinds of other things you take for granted today. 

More recently, we’ve helped drive transparency in broadband pricing, helped consumers use new rights to privacy, and developed standards to assess the privacy and security of connected products. There’s much more to do to meet consumers where they are in 2022, which is why we’re powering up our team.

CR is made up of researchers, journalists, advocates, and engineers with diverse skills and backgrounds. We write code, draft laws, test products, and create media for an audience of over 5 million paying members. 

At a time when tech companies have unprecedented power, you can join a team addressing some of the most important questions of our digital lives:

  • How can technology help people live happier lives? 
  • How do we ensure people stay in control of their data? 
  • How do we make sure people get fair prices? 
  • How do we address the power of online gatekeepers?
  • How do we anticipate emerging marketplace harms and act swiftly against them?

If working for consumers and tackling these questions in applied ways matters to you, let us know at

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