Consumer Reports Announces 2023 Fellow Cohort

We’re pleased to announce six public interest technology Fellows working with CR this summer. Three fellows are being onboarded as part of our IoT Design Fellowship (link to original post), with three additional Fellows joining us via partnerships with the Public Interest Technology Initiative at Cornell Tech and the Ethics, Society, & Technology Hub at Stanford.

Titilola Afolabi, IoT Design Fellow, Attorney & Entrepreneur

Supporting the build-out of a next-gen IoT product labeling system

Yi-Shyuan Chiang, IoT Design Fellow, PhD Candidate, UIUC

Supporting the build-out of a next-gen IoT product labeling system 

Wentao Guo, IoT Design Fellow PhD Student, University of Maryland

Supporting the build-out of a next-gen IoT product labeling system 

Ria Calcagno, Stanford Fellow, Political Science, Stanford University

Developing a consumer protection agenda for an era of LLMs 

Fengyang Lin, Siegel PiTech Impact Fellow, PhD Student, Cornell University

Measuring real-world prevalence of surveillance marketing technologies 

Tuan-he Lee, Siegel PiTech Impact Fellow, PhD Student, Cornell University

Conducting research to understand consumers’ privacy goals


Read more below to learn about how these Fellows will be building consumer power.

Introducing the 2023 CR IoT Design Fellows 

The IoT Design Fellow program will support the build-out of a next-gen IoT product labeling system. The goal of the label is to help consumers make informed decisions about the security and privacy of their IoT devices – illustrating what kinds of data their IoT product collects, how long the product will receive security updates, and other important information. 

“I am beyond excited to work with these Fellows to explore how we can translate our research findings into real-world IoT labels that inform and empower consumers to make protective decisions about their devices” – Pardis Emami Naeini, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Duke University and CR advisor

Meet Titilola Afolabi 

Titilola is an attorney with a focus on technology, privacy, and intellectual property law. With a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from Duke University, she has also worked as a research assistant for distinguished professors. Her research has encompassed a range of topics, including in-depth analysis of the business models employed by cutting-edge technology companies to obtain insights regarding the future of work. 

Meet Yi-Shyuan Chiang

Yi-Shyuan Chiang is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Computer Science University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Chiang’s research interests lie in human-computer interaction and usable security and privacy. Her work has been published and presented at conferences such as ACM CHI and USENIX SOUPS. She received her Master of Laws from National Tsing Hua University.

Meet Wentao Guo 

Wentao is a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, advised by Michelle Mazurek. His current research focuses on the role professionals and institutions play in protecting consumers’ security and privacy. Projects he has worked on include interviewing tech product reviewers about how they evaluate security and privacy, as well as designing and evaluating an interactive visualization for privacy policies.

Introducing the 2023 University Fellows 

Through partnerships with the Public Interest Technology (PiTech) Initiative at Cornell Tech and the Ethics, Society, & Technology Hub at Stanford, CR hosts three additional Fellows this summer. University Fellows will be conducting research that supports consumer privacy goals, consumer data rights and privacy, and helps define a consumer protection agenda in the era of Large Language Models. 

Meet Fengyang Lin

Fengyang Lin is a PhD student in the department of Information Science at Cornell University. Her research lies in the intersection of the digital economy, online communities, and privacy and security. With a deep passion for understanding how technology shapes our lives, Fengyang’s current research focuses on the impact of ad-blocking technologies on users’ online experiences and their perceptions of privacy.

Meet Tuan-he Lee 

Tuan-he is a PhD student and HCI researcher at Cornell University.  She is passionate and experienced in understanding users’ needs and the social and cultural dynamics associated with their use of technologies. Recently, she has been investigating how emerging technology can help the public navigate complex online information environments.

Meet Ria Calcagno

Ria Calcagno (she/her) is an undergraduate student at Stanford University majoring in political science and minoring in computer science. She is currently a Stanford Tech Ethics and Policy Fellow, and she recently worked on tech policy as part of U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Judiciary Committee team. Ria has founded and/or led several organizations to effect change in her community, including Stanford Disability Alliance, Stanford Democrats, and March For Our Lives Stanford. Ria has also worked across other areas, including disability and education research, political campaigns, investing, and startup business development. Ria is passionate about strengthening democracy through the ethical use of AI.

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