First End-to-End Test of Data Rights Protocol v0.8 Completed Successfully

On June 22, Transcend and Consumer Reports’ Innovation Lab successfully conducted the first live end-to-end test of Data Rights Protocol v0.8. This test marked the first ever cryptographically secure exchange of rights requests between two different implementations of the Data Rights Protocol (DRP).

The test leveraged CR’s OSIRAA Authorized Agent testing tool and a staging instance of the Transcend Privacy Requests product. 

Transcend is a founding implementer of the Data Rights Protocol and completed their first end-to-end test of DRP v0.6 in December 2022. The most recent test represents a significant advancement in maturity for the Data Rights Protocol due to its improved security and more robust API design. CR recently released version 0.8 of the Data Rights Protocol to help ensure signed requests could be transmitted reliably. 

“Giving consumers greater control over their data across multiple platforms—while noble in principle—presents significant risk if done incorrectly,” said David Mattia, Transcend’s Head of Security. “This test is a critical milestone that shows clear progress towards the DRP vision of balancing greater consumer agency with robust security protections.” 

“This is a big milestone, to confirm that the Data Rights Protocol is working with an external collaborator,” says John Szinger, Lead Software Engineer at Consumer Reports Innovation Lab.  “It’s very exciting to see the messages updating live. It’s an important step towards exchanging messages among multiple implementations with live data.”

Other partners in the DRP consortium — including CR’s Permission Slip — are currently building prototype implementations ready for cross-testing the Data Rights Protocol later this summer. This multi-party interoperability test will be the final testing milestone before live consumer data is exchanged via the protocol. 

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