Lab Notes: February 2022

CR joins consortium to improve consumers’ cybersecurity

    • CR recently joined the newly-formed Nonprofit Cyber Coalition, a first-of-its-kind alliance of 22 global nonprofit organizations that seek to raise awareness of cyber threats, help people protect their personal data, and work with public and private sector institutions to advance solutions for a safer digital world. Read the announcement of the Nonprofit Cyber coalition.

New CR survey finds Americans overwhelmingly support Right to Repair

    • CR released a new nationally representative survey about consumer attitudes toward repairing and replacing broken products and the choices available to them. According to the survey, 84% of Americans agree manufacturers should make repair information and parts available either to independent repair professionals or to product owners. CR has long advocated for the right to repair and developed model legislation with allies to advance this effort. Right to repair legislation has gained support at the state and national level, as manufacturers continue to make it difficult for consumers to take care of what should be simple repairs on their expensive devices.

Victory! FCC votes unanimously to expand internet options for apartment dwellers

    • The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to approve a proposal to improve broadband choice and competition in Multi-Tenant Environments (MTEs) such as apartment buildings and condominiums. Nearly 10,000 residents living in MTEs across the country have shared their internet experiences with CR and the FCC.

Now hiring: Senior Test Engineer, Fintech 

Event: New America’s Open Technology Institute is hosting a panel on consumer IoT labeling featuring CR’s Justin Brookman 

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