Lab notes: April 2021

Join our Digital Lab Fellows for a virtual roundtable

  • Join us to hear from some of the brightest minds working in the digital rights space on Tuesday, May 18th at 2:00pm ET. The 2020 Digital Lab Fellows will share details of new consumer protection research, from the responsible use of data for machine learning, to measuring the privacy promises of smart speakers, to conducting internet-scale research on deceptive ad practices, and more. And if you are interested in becoming a Digital Lab Fellow, we are accepting applications until May 21st (extended).

Florida comes up short on becoming the third state to pass a comprehensive privacy law

  • A new proposed privacy bill, which would have granted Florida consumers the right to access, delete, and stop the sale of their information, advanced through the state House in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, it failed to make it to the finish line in the state legislature today, the last day of the legislative session. Supporters have vowed to try again when the legislature reconvenes next year. CR testified at hearings on the bill and worked with lawmakers to help improve the measure. You can read more about the bill and our take on it in an op-ed published in Morning Consult by CR’s senior policy analyst, Maureen Mahoney.

Consumer Reports calls on Congress to provide the FTC with more authority and resources

  • CR is calling on Congress to pass the Consumer Protection and Recovery Act after a controversial ruling by the Supreme Court, which said the FTC does not have the authority to return money to consumers harmed by companies found to engage in fraudulent practices. The bill would grant the FTC the authority to pursue fraudulent and deceptive actors and to return money to the people they harmed. The bill would also provide additional authority to the FTC and much needed funding from Congress to protect consumers from potential harms posed by new and emerging technologies. You can read more about our take in Protocol.

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