Consumer Reports Data Bootcamp

Consumer Reports’ (CR) 2024 Data Action Day is all about empowering individuals with the essential knowledge and tools to take back control of your personal data, and to push for new ground on the right to privacy for all.

It’s often tough to get a handle on how personal data is being collected, let alone where it goes or what can be done about it. So, we’ve curated a series of data workouts so we can get our data-selves in shape together for 2024!

Weekly Workouts

These workouts include a warm up, a workout and stretch goals every other week, designed to shed light on critical aspects of data privacy that are the cornerstones of good data hygiene and privacy legislation. At a glance:

Workout 01
Know the Risks

Learn what matters about your Data Privacy, and why it’s still worth fighting for.

Workout 02
You & Your Connected Devices

Learn why it matters that your internet connected devices are displaying your data - and what kind of data - and how to lock them down.

Workout 03
The Political Landscape

Understand your data privacy rights, and why they are different from state to state.

Workout 04
The Data Economy

Learn who is making money off your data, and how we can hold them accountable.

Workout 05
New Year, New You

How to reduce your digital footprint
in 2024.

Workout 00
Download Permission Slip

One app to take back control of your data.

It all culminates to a Data Action Day where you can use everything you’ve learned to protect yourself and hold accountable the enterprises that have been capitalizing on your data. We strongly believe in the collective effort and the transformative power of informed actions. Ready to dive in? Any questions or reflections along the way, shoot a line at